Loyalty Card

Create a digital loyalty program featuring one or more cards


Deliver and promote store sales and discounts direct to your customer - integration with Paypal and Stripe

Mobile Commerce

Sell online with product and price lists, images and videos

Social Networks

Make your business application, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter pages communicate with each other

Push Notifications

Contact your clients directly and when the timing is appropriate

Analytics & Statistics

Keep an eye on your sales, engagement and usage easily and instantly

Photo Galleries

Highlight events, products and stores with attractive photo galleries

Video Galleries

Users don’t have to quit your app to watch your YouTube or Vimeo videos


Integrate Instagram albums directly in your app


Retrieve, choose and display your photo albums from Picasa


Let your users follow your Podcast videos or tracks

Custom Design

Use your colours, branding and images with the content you need - text, photo galleries, videos etc.

Contact pages

Allow one-touch-call, geo-location and links to social pages


Allow users to book an appointment, reservation, ticket or anything you want quickly and directly


Lock your app wholly or partly, and create VIP access, which can only be unlocked with membership or QR code


Build your own forms to offer surveys, feedback or contact details etc.


Create playlists from iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or your own files

Fan Wall

Allow users to send photos and comments to create an engaged community

In-app Messages

Send messages to your users when they open the app

Social Sharing

Let the users share your app content on Social Networks

Notification Topics

Create topics with the user’s subscription details and send targeted notifications and in-app messages

QR Coupons

Create discount coupons unlocked once a specific QR Code is scanned

QR Code Reader

Allow your users to access specific data embedded in a QR Code of your own